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Holistic Practitioner
Life Coach
Behavioural Specialist
Home Assessment Writer and Evaluator
Curriculum Developer
Child Welfare Specialist
Motivational Speaker
Training Consultant
Workshop Facilitator
Human Resource Development Trainer


Life Coaching, Holistic Practitioner, Metaphysics, Clinical Hypnotist, Meditation/Visualization, Diversity Training, Public Speaking; Child Welfare Specialist, Crisis Management, Family and Individual Counselling, Addictions Counselling, Behaviour Management and Training; Research and Planning, Group Facilitation, Supervision and Training


Doctorate in Philosophy, (Candidate) Degree in Meta-Psychology

Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences
Community Development in Rural Communities in Ghana, Africa
University of Metaphysics, Sedona, Arizona

Masters of Metaphysical Science
Research study on Unknown Phenomena and Spirituality
University of Metaphysics, Sedona, Arizona

B.Msc. Metaphysical Sciences
University of Metaphysics, Sedona, Arizona

M.A. Health and Human Services.
Specializing in Aboriginal Women’s Studies
Stratford International University, Wyoming, USA

B.A Psychology
Sociology and English as minor
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Diploma, Community Development
George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario

Certificate, Homebuilders Model of Family Intervention
Rutger’s University, New Jersey, USA

Certificate, Conflict Resolution
NAIT, Edmonton, Alberta


  • Instructor: Grant MacEwan: Holistic Health and Wellness; Metaphysical Studies
  • Instructor:  Yellowhead Tribal College, Edmonton, Alberta, Introductory Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology
  • College Instructor Keyano College, Aboriginal Child and Family Services Program: Stony Plain Road Campus, Edmonton, Alberta,

Curriculum Development, Recruitment, Evaluation, Practicum Placement Co-coordinator, Community Agency Liaison, Supervision, Counseling students

  • Curricula developed and instructed: (Keyano College Stony Plain Campus; Yellowhead Tribal College):
  • Introduction to Human Services and Basic Counseling; Addiction Awareness; Child Welfare 1 and 2; Today’s Family; Practicum Placement; Communication; Life Management; Child Development; Family Counseling; Social Work: Models and Practice from an Anti-Oppressive Perspective
  • Curricula developed and instructed: Aboriginal Addiction Diploma/Nechi Institute, Edmonton, Alberta/ Saskatchewan Indian Institute (S.I.I.T.), Saskatoon Saskatchewan:

Health Promotion
Current Issues in Addiction
Communication 11
Program Management
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD)
Evaluation of Community Programs
Social Marketing

  •  Child Welfare Social Worker (Out of Province) Edmonton,

Permanent Guardianship Worker: Band consultation in repatriating Aboriginal children to Reserves or permanency plans within their cultures  and  families; liaise with Bands regarding care of Alberta Wards in their jurisdiction in terms of case planning; interpret Inter-provincial Agreements for Alberta wards residing in other provinces; co-develop case plans with supervising province

  • Child Welfare Social Worker Edmonton,

Permanent Guardianship Order (PGO) worker: Case Management – develop and implement service plans with PGO children and caregivers; advocate and negotiate on behalf of the child; long term relationship building with teens to enable effective decision making in their lives; half out of Province case load

Case Manager and Investigator, Child Welfare: Worked with families who have been assessed as in need of protective services; determined service needs and made appropriate referrals; engaged in family/individual counselling; prepared and presented reports to family court; facilitated linkage to appropriate community resources and service providers to address the family’s protection needs as well as other issues for the family

  • Parent Assessment Resource (PAR) Social Worker Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa-Carleton, Ottawa, Ontario

Assessed individuals for parental capacity; taught parenting skills based on recommendations from assessments; developed child management techniques with parents; developed and implemented behavioural strategies with the child and parents for home and the community

  •  Social Worker, Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

Case Manager, Child Protection Unit: Intervened in families and children in need of protective services; provided short/long term counselling to families; provided linkages to community resources

  • Community Worker Dufferin-Eglinton Information Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Provided information on legislation and policies on government agencies to community members; advocated on behalf of clients; assessed community needs; developed programs; recruited, trained and supervised volunteers and staff to facilitate community groups in the following areas: education, women’s abuse issues, juvenile prevention and aftercare program; facilitated community partnerships between schools and other community organizations in the areas of concern

  • Community Worker CARITO, Toronto, Ontario 1976

Roman Catholic community agency that was seeking to create a link between the church and the Caribbean culture in an inner city Toronto community. Developed programs, which would provide an avenue for Roman Catholics to participate in a spiritual/cultural atmosphere

  • Professional/Community Membership

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA);

American Metaphysical Doctors Association(AMDA)

University Of Sedona, Alumni Association

Canadian Metaphysical Ministries (CMM);

International Metaphysical Ministries (IMM)
National Black Coalition of Canada (NBCC)
Aramuda Development International Foundation (ADIF)
Past-President, Edmonton Multicultural Society,
Mediator, Mediation and Restorative Justice Centre
Volunteer, Community Conferencing Association of Edmonton
Vice-President/Founder, One Love Crew, Edmonton Carnival multi-ethnic group
Editor/Founding Member, Black Communications Network of Alberta
Public Relations Officer, Echo United Soccer Club, Edmonton
Past member of Board of Directors, Planned Parenthood of Alberta
Past Vice-President, Masani Youth Foundation, Toronto, Ontario
Past President, Masani Youth Foundation, Ottawa, Ontario


2012 National Black Coalition Rosalind Smith Award for Professionals
2002, Ministry of Children Services: Ovation Awards and Recognition:
High Five Award from Minister Iris Evans, for Teamwork and Commitment
High Five for Development of the Relative Search Project. (One Mertella called the “Roots Project.”)
2003, Ministry of Children Services: Ovation Awards and Recognition: High Five, for Leadership on 2 separate projects.
First Nation Award for Community Involvement
Book of Feminist and Environmental Poetry – “ The Beat of My Woman Soul”
Romance Novel: Brittany


Transformational Life Coaching
Behavioural Specialist

Dr. Montague has presented to First Nation communities, adult students, police officers, group home staff, pastors, social workers, correction officers, women, teens and a diverse group of Human Services workers. She has also facilitated training workshops to employees in the construction industry and business. She develops the curriculum for all her workshops. They are lively, interactive and humorous with many moments of active learning. She engages participants in different styles of learning.


Cultural Diversity (3 days- workshop to group home staff) toward Accreditation
Six days-  Skill/knowledge based workshops for Group Homes/ Human Services Agencies toward Accreditation
Addictions Awareness
Child Development
Child Welfare
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD)
Basic Counselling Skills
Child Management
The Audacity of Self-Worth (Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology (SIIT))
Building up families that are breaking down (First Nations students (SIIT))
Aboriginal Foster Parent (Advanced) Training (Canadian Native Friendship Centre)
Motivational/Self Esteem
Domestic Violence and Culture
Orientation Basic Training (OBT) for Child Welfare Workers
Diversity Workshop (Edmonton Police Services, Corrections Officers)
Child Welfare: Legislation, Policy and Practice: Its Implication for the Clergy (Baptist Ministers)
Rights and Responsibilities in a Multicultural Society (Community)
Women’s Issues: A Cross Cultural Perspective (Social Workers)
Healthy Sexuality (Teens)


Domestic Violence: From Survival to Thriving to Victorious
Making Meaning: Transforming an abuse story  to a survival story
Working through negative emotions
Finding the survivor

Life as a Teen in Today’s Society: Let’s talk…
What about?

Belief and Healing
Create a healthy belief system

Guiding the Behaviour of Children and Youth
Characteristics of Behaviour Management,
Five Steps of Positive Reinforcement,
Basic Reinforcement Schedules
Setting boundaries
Roles, rules and responsibility

Parenting: We parent the way we were parented ourselves
Single parenting, two-parenting, inter-generational parenting;
Human growth and development,
Health and nutrition,
Bonding and attachment,
Challenges of parenting,
Children with special needs,
School challenges

Child Management
Child Development, how to get your child to listen,
Logical/natural consequences,
Rules and Routines (bedtimes, privileges, appropriate discipline, chores, routine)
Teaching social behaviours,
Modeling acceptable behaviours,
Dealing with difficult behaviours,

Root Cause of Addictions: Making the choice to be healthy. Enjoying life does not have to mean…
Misuse of substances,
Harm reduction  vs. abstinence,
Making healthy choices,
How to know if a family member is addicted,
Living with a person addicted to substances or negative behaviours,

Types of Abuse:  How do I know when I am…?
Emotionally, psychologically, financially, sexually, neglect, physically

Getting Systems to work for you!
Children Services, Justice, Education

Personal Development:
Self-esteem, self worth, self-confidence
Overcoming life challenges,
Dealing with discrimination and prejudices,
Career choice and life-long learning,
Finding one’s purpose

Family Dynamics
How to improve relationships,
Exposure to domestic violence,
Interpersonal relationships,
Inter-generational secrets

Health and Nutrition
Diet and exercise,
Eating well on a budget,
Western medicine vs. traditional medicine
Alternative medicine
Holistic health and wellness

Financial Management: Living well on a budget
Family budget,
Money smart: having money for other things,
Saving, good credit, credit rating, interest rates, buying on credit

Home Management
Home crafts,
Beautiful home on a budget,

Life-long Learning
Being able to read/write (literacy),
Finishing high school (GED),
Career choice,
Preparing for work,
Making a success out of life,
Feel deserving

Community Involvement: Giving back…
Role model,
Having healthy children,
Living a healthy life,
The gift of life,
Loving oneself,
Mentorship program

Spiritual Growth and Development
Finding one’s purpose in life,
Living a purposeful life,
Making connections with self, the Creator, friends and family
Finding and fulfilling your life purpose (I know I was meant for much more!!!!!)

Manifest your desires: How to live in abundance
Living close to Source,
Meditation, Affirmations
Being grateful,
Knowing a loving abundant Universe

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