Offered Services


Marriage Officiant

May include referrals to wedding planner, discounts at bridal shops, etc. $500

House Blessing

Will include the blessing and other rituals for different time of the year, increase positive energy in the home $200

Baby Blessing

Child specific blessing and ceremony. Life Reading. $400

Puberty Blessing

Teen specific blessing. $200

End of Life Crossover /  Family Counseling

Visits and preparation work with elder.Individual / family counseling. 1st year letting go ceremonies. Charged by hour or flat rate

Celebration of Life

 Counseling with family and ceremony.  $400


Life Coaching Sessions

Collaborating, Life Purpose, Mentorship, Supportive Relationship, Creating an action plan from where you are, to where you want to beEnhancing quality of life $400/mth
(5 x 45min conversations per month)


Metaphysical Counselling /
Holistic Practitioner

Mind-Body-Spirit Balance: Integrating Metaphysics with Psychological Counselling (Meta-Psychology)Spiritual-Emotional/Financial/Psychological/Health and Wellness/Work-Family Balance;Life Purpose; Family-Personal Challenges

Clearing blockages in your life (personal, business, professional);Finding Purpose and Meaning, Visualization, Affirmations, Self-hypnosis, Life Stress Management

Meditation, Relaxation; Changing  Negative Thought Patterns

Numerology, Life Path Readings

Energy Reading (cards, stones)

$100-$120 per session
Packages of 5 or 10 sessions can be arranged


Uncontested Divorces
(Individual Case)

per case

of Oaths

per case


Please direct all public speaking and workshop inquiries directly through my contact page, or send me an email at .

My expertise and experience will assist you to discover and live your best life!

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity and the utmost discretion.

The end result will be more than you envision.

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