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At a very early age, Dr. Mertella J. Montague knew she had to live an authentic life coming from an authentic source … which caused many altercations between herself and her parents, her teachers and her community. She wanted to live life in a way that was “right and just,” which was not necessarily interpreted in the same way by her parents and her teachers. Needless to say, being raised in Jamaica, she was the recipient of many “beatings” from parents and teachers, as corporal punishment was still accepted as the biblical way of disciplining a child (breaking the spirit). Yet her spirit wasn’t broken and she rose through teen years to adulthood undaunted by life’s agreement with her parents and teachers.


Her professional and personal life journey took her through many paths, but all paths led in the same direction.

At an early age, she learned her “Purpose” was “To be of service to others” in a capacity of teaching through stories, healing through looking at  life through different lens, or guiding people to see their true path. Her life path and life lessons showed her f that she had to experience life to teach it. She had to touch the fire to learn the lesson.

It was fortunate for her that she also knew how to learn from elders or others who had experience and knowledge. However she would ask the questions, “What did it feel like? What did you learn from the experience? Okay you have learned these lessons, what next?”

She used this natural curiosity with events in her own life; she treated them like lessons, analysed them, decided what she liked or didn’t like about them, learned the lessons and used them to later to teach others. The personal elements were transformed in authentic information. She was her best behavioural scientist.

The bumper sticker, “Been there, done that, got the T-shirt” meant to her, experienced the event, learned from it, transformed it into power, survival and triumph … transcended!

Her whole philosophy of life has been built on several sayings:

The Creator doesn’t give you more than you can bear!!!”

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! (Kevin Sorbo, Hercules series);

 “So what are you going to do about it? (Uriah Montague, her father). He believed everyone had the answer to every question inside of them; they just needed to stop and think about it.

What are the lessons here? How does this fit the greater purpose? What is my purpose, by the way? (Dr. MJM).

Whatever floats your boat! was learned from her brother Roderick. Whatever makes you happy and whatever you can live with at the end of the day!

“Your expectations of others are what causes you the most unhappiness.” This helps to reinforce the concept that the only person you have control over is yourself. So, the parent who is  stressing over a  teen’s behaviour or a husband or wife who uses control to ensure compliance eventually loses.

Life is about choices.

It’s our perception that makes the difference. Then life is wonderful!!!

Professional Philosophy and Practice

Communities, organizations, business, couples, individuals and families – whatever target group Dr. Montague is working with, has perhaps faced challenges in growth/development, with toxic behaviours and  stress. Dr. Montague assists them to discover what helps them live, develop and evolve authentically…to live on purpose; whatever that purpose is – individually or collectively.

Humans in the 21st Century thrive on stress. Challenges cause good stress; problems cause bad stress.

Does this behavior still serve your higher purpose? What are your other choices?”

Dr. Montague comes from 40 years in the Human Services field – from Community Development, Child Welfare Social Work, College Lecturer in Human Services in First Nations Colleges, workshop facilitating in Diversity and building capacity in the individual, couple or/ and family, Community Development in rural Ghana, Africa; University lecturer  in Holistic Health to Health and safety concerns in industries sometimes uncaring about human safety.

Dr. Montague’s approach focuses on Transformative Learning…not “lest we forget,” but “lest we not learn” from circumstances, environments, events and opportunities in our lives and our work.

Change in every organism is inevitable, yet change is viewed as threatening. With Dr. Montague, the  individual,  couple or family learn to embrace change with a sense of optimism, finding meaning and of living life on purpose.

Dr. Montague also encourages individuals to schedule many joyful activities in the day because laughter and simple fun lightens the spirit and creates positive energy.

Savor the joy in the smallest things in life!

My expertise and experience will assist you to discover and live your best life!

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity and the utmost discretion.

The end result will be more than you envision.

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